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The Specification as an Instrument for Colonizing Oceti Sakowin Lands

A Church, a Silo, and a Warehouse: Eladio Dieste’s Gaussian Vaults and the Workers of the Encofrados


Labor Movements: From the Specifications of the Panama Canal to Robotic Patents


Cosmic Labor: Eladio Dieste and the Workers of La Iglesia de Cristo Obrero


Labor Histories and Carbon Futures

Shifting Practices in Twentieth-Century Specification Writing: The Case of the R. Guastavino Company 

Theory and Practice: The Formulation and Delivery of Teaching Professional Practice

Political Turns: From Spaces of Detention to Spaces of Consumption in Montevideo, Uruguay  


Matter over Materiality: Lessons on Authority from Eladio Dieste

Synchronic and Diachronic Labor: Deconstructing Eladio Dieste's Ruled Surfaces


Automated Comprehensiveness: Sectional Practices and the Misuse of Revit

Written Architecture: How Specification Standards Dissolved the Role of the Master Builder


Eduardo Torroja and the Engineering of Technocratic Authority in Franco’s Spain

Dull Professional Data from Ordinary Precedents


Professional Landscapes at the End of Education


Specification Species: How the Standard Shaped the Guastavino System

The Post-orthographic Tinkerbell Effect

From Master Builder to Subcontractor: The Guastavino Company and the Role of Specifications

The Art of Labor: Collaborative Practices in the Work of Eladio Dieste

Gaussian Vault Construction During the Civico-Military Dictatorship in Uruguay

Unmediated Matter and Catenary Practices


Four Centuries Across Four Weeks for One Book


Master Building Complex Forms in the Absence of Graphics

Sectional Practices: Between Archaeology and Generation


Eladio Dieste: A Network of Precise Errors


Material Labor: Eladio Dieste and Ruled Surfaces

Matter of Ruled Surfaces: Eladio Dieste for Beginners

The Dark God of Efficiency and the Economical Forms of Eladio Dieste

The Decline of the Guastavino Company and the Rise of Eladio Dieste

Origins from Washun Niya: Sacred Space as Contested Territory

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