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Big Beam 

Department of Architecture Public Works. Webster, SD / South Dakota State University 



 John Angulu 

 Cody Blevins 

 Ji Cao 

 Guillermo Gonzalez Cebrian 

 Aspen Greene 

 Nicholas Kummer 

 Ted LaCoursiere 

 Megan Leebens 

 Jared Mulder 

 Cassie Pospishil 

 Jacob Ricke 

 Sharon Sanchez Ordonez 

 Kaitlyn Walker 

 Megan Welbig 



 Federico Garcia Lammers, Assistant Professor 


 Teaching Assistant 

 Ethan Millar, DoArch Graduate Student 


 Gage Brothers Concrete 

 Clark Engineering 

 Pro-growth Construction 

 Northeast Excavation 

 B&B Contracting 

 Soil Technologies 

 Webster School Board 

 Webster Area Development Corporation 


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