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Tiny Topographies

Takuwe Exhibit, Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies / Exhibited at the Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School, Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center, South Dakota Art Museum, Holter Museum of Art, and The Brinton Museum, 2018-2020




Tiny Topographies makes visible the landscapes crossed during the trek to Wounded Knee as described by John Lone Man, Red Tomahawk, Mrs. One Bull, Shoots Walking, Joseph Horn Cloud, Dewey Beard, Alice Ghost Horse, Mrs. Mosseau, Iron Hail, Alice War Bonnet, Dr. Charles Eastman, Patty Star, and Luther Standing Bear. A section cut, which is a representational technique and a series of architectural practices that reveal the vertical organization of a building or landscape, was used as a device to reveal the topographic conditions crossed by Big Foot and his band. Twenty-five (25) section cuts were made in ten (10) locations that include the site of Sitting Bull’s Assassination along the Grand River as well as the Wounded Knee Massacre Site. These were drawn and modeled at a scale of 1:5000. When stacked together, these section cuts begin to reveal the shape of the landscape, the rivers and creeks crossed, as well as the various heights encountered along the trek to Wounded Knee.

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