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Ten years of teaching organized into two broad categories: (1) Studios-&-Workshops, (2) History-Theory-&-Professional Practices 

Teaching is at the center of LABOR. Since 2012, Jessica and Federico have documented their teaching in over 60 public websites. The websites are platforms for communicating with students and an archive of the evolving pedagogy that shaped the design of a new architecture program in South Dakota. Several classes are included in B-A-R-F, an online platform connecting architectural pedagogy to issues of race, class, and gender. 


(1) Studios-&-Workshops: In-depth material investigations that are culturally expansive, framed through different media, and practiced with individual focus and collective intensity.


Graduate/Undergraduate Studios:

Building Studio 2022

Building Studio 2021

Research Studios 2021

Specs Studio 2021

Specs Studio 2020

Invisible Infrastructures 2016


Graduate Studios:

Final M.Arch Projects 2020

Forensics Studios

Forensics Studio 2019

Forensics Studio 2018

Forensics Studio 2017

Forensics Studio 2016

Disembodied Precedent 2018

Fashioning Steel 2015


Undergraduate Studios:

Stick Play 2021

Memorias of Deep Digs 2019

Constructional Performances 2019

Sections Studio 2019

Sections Studio 2018

Sections Studio 2017

Stairs Studio 2018

Stairs Studio 2017

Stairs Studio 2016

American Indian Spaces (CAIRNS) 2015

Small Stadium, Big Landscape 2014

Cinema Park 2014

Species of Space s02 2013

Species of Space s01 2013

Community Collaborations:

Public Works Brookings Armory 2016

Public Works Webster 2015

Public Works Huron 2014

Public Works Aberdeen 2014



Eladio Dieste 2020

Eladio Dieste 2019

Eladio Dieste 2018

Eladio Dieste 2017

Eladio Dieste 2016

Vaulting Space 2018

Vaulting Space 2017

Vaulting Space 2016

Vaulting Space 2015

Vaulting Space 2014

Portfolio Design 2018

Portfolio Design 2017

Digitizing Big Models 2014

(2) History-Theory-&-Professional Practices: Lecture and seminar-based classes that connect history and theory with professional practices across diverse socio-political contexts.

History and Theory:

Writing Architecture 2022

Writing Architecture 2021

Reading Architecture 2021 

Reading Architecture 2020

Media Theory and History 2019

Media Theory and History 2018

Media Theory and History 2016

Professional History 2017

Pro-practices (Theoretical Lenses):

Regulation 2018

Regulation 2017

Regulation 2016

Regulation 2015

Economics 2016

Economics 2015

Topical Seminars:

Standards 2019

Study Abroad Uruguay 2014

Restless Landscapes 2014

Mega Civic, Politics of Stadia 2014

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