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LAB—OR is a design practice that works as an ongoing record of the teaching and scholarly work of Jessica Garcia Fritz and Federico Garcia Lammers. Jessica and Federico are faculty in the School of Architecture (SoA) at the University of Minnesota. They are active members of The Architecture Lobby, and they align with other action-based programs. Details about their work are shared in news. Please say hello, contact us.

Minneapolis. July 2024. Jessica is collaborating on the organization of an Indigenous Design Camp with funding from the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota • June 2024. Jessica has coauthored a book, The Organizer's Guide to Architectural Education. with Day, K., Deamer, P., Dietz, A., Forde, T., Geraki, S. P., & Lechêne, V. (Routledge 2024) • St. Louis. May 2024. Jessica is participating in the Design Futures Forum at Washington University  Minneapolis. March 2024. Jessica is leading a workshop, Learning to Organize: Power Mapping Tactics, as part of the Design Justice Symposium at the University of Minnesota • Minneapolis. April 2024. Jessica received an Imagine Fund Grant for Automated Colonization: Contemporary Specifications and the Dispossession of Indigenous Lands.

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